Vision and Working Principles

Children's Social Care vision is that:

'Newcastle is a great place to grow up where every child and young person is safe and loved, healthy and happy, and free from harm and has the chance to make the most of their talents to fulfil their potential.'

Our working principles guide everyone in our service in their practice and decision making, they inform all our work:

Child Centred

We are all about supporting children and young people. They are our priority.

Working Together

We work with children, young people and their families to achieve positive change.

Family Solutions

We value a family's ability to solve their own problems. We help families to do this and only intervene when needed.

Safely at Home

Our aim is to keep children safely at home. Where this is not possible, we will find somewhere safe for them to live for as long is needed.

Balanced Response

We manage risk by working together. We are evidence based and balanced.

Challenge and Support

We challenge ourselves and support each other. We welcome challenge and support from others.