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7.1.1 Newcastle's Pledge to Looked After Children

This chapter is currently under review.

Our looked after children can expect:

  • We respect your dignity as an individual with your own identity and needs;
  • We respect you as a person with your own needs and wishes;
  • We will involve you in decisions which affect you and have your wishes and feelings taken into account;
  • We will talk to you and involve you when we need to make decisions;
  • We will ensure you have a qualified social worker to support you with clear arrangements for you to contact them;
  • Every child will have their own social worker;
  • We will ensure that we have an effective assessment of your needs and a care plan which meets your needs with timescales for action and review;
  • We will look at your needs and review these on a regular basis;
  • If appropriate, to enable reunification with your family in a way that safeguards you and promotes your wellbeing;
  • If it is possible we will arrange for you to see your family;
  • To provide you with a placement that can best meet your needs;
  • We will provide you with a placement we hope you will be happy in;
  • To ensure contact where appropriate with your family and to enable you to maintain links with your wider family, social network and community;
  • We will help you keep in touch with friends and family where possible;
  • To provide services to you which recognise your cultural and ethnic needs and provides continuity with your heritage;
  • We will support you with your culture and religion;
  • To provide access to high quality early years provision;
  • We will provide you with a good nursery or play group;
  • To access you a place at a good school;
  • We will find you a good school;
  • To support you in accessing positive leisure activities including free access to the Council's leisure services;
  • We will help to and provide you with activities you like to do;
  • To enable you to have a good school attendance record;
  • We will help you go to school every day;
  • To help you if you need help at school;
  • We will help you if you need help at school;
  • To provide you with appropriate services to meet your physical and emotional health needs;
  • We will help you stay fit and well;
  • To provide you with support in moving on from care and to prepare you for independent living;
  • We will give you support when you are much older and moving on;
  • To provide you with support when entering further and higher education;
  • We will give you support when you are older if you stay on at school or go to university;
  • To provide you with support in seeking education, employment and training;
  • We will help you choose what you want to do when you get older.