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7.7.4 National Insurance Numbers

See Information is available on HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website.

Children who are being looked after by local authorities will not automatically receive a National Insurance number, as Child Benefit may not have been claimed for them. The child’s social worker should, therefore, apply on their behalf.

Social workers are required to write or fax a request for an application form CA3530 to the NI Registrations Section for each child when they reach age 15 years 9 months. These requests must be made on LA headed notepaper, and addressed to:

HM Revenue & Customs
Looked after Children Team
Room BP1002
Benton Park View
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ
Fax No: 0191 225 7384

When requesting forms CA3530, details to be provided for each child are:

  • Child's full name;
  • Any previous names used;
  • Child's date of birth;
  • Date child went into care;
  • Child’s current address;
  • Your own contact details.

If the child is a UK National, also include:

  • Any previous residential addresses, for example old parental addresses and the child's last address before they were taken into care;
  • A photocopy of one of the following - the child's birth certificate, Care Order or the ID page of the child's passport.

If the child is an unaccompanied minor (Home Office case), also include photocopies of the child’s Home Office documents.

Form CA3530 should be completed, signed, authenticated with the appropriate LA stamp, and returned to NI Registrations Section within four weeks. Once all of the information has been validated, NI Registrations Section will arrange for a NINO card to be issued to the child.

If social workers do not comply with the special arrangements, these children must apply in person via DSS/IR and may be subjected to an evidence of identity interview.

The Looked after Children Team can be contacted via the telephone number provided on correspondence from them. The child’s unique reference number will be needed, which is shown on all relevant correspondence.

Aide Memoire: Form CA3530 Procedures

Event Required Action
Child in LA care attains age 15 years 9 months

Social Worker to request CA3530 from NI Registrations Section by fax or post (see address below) on LA headed notepaper, and include details of child:

  • Names (including any former names);
  • Date of birth;
  • Date taken into care;
  • 3 previous addresses, including last one before taken into care;
  • Documentary evidence, i.e. copies of birth certificate, passport, Care Order etc.
Request for CA3530U received in NI Registrations Section NI Registrations Section carry out initial validation checks. If the request meets all requirements, NI Registrations Section issue a single form CA3530 (with the child’s personal details entered on the form) to the Social Worker and note the clerical register.
Form CA3530U received by Social Worker Social Worker to complete the CA3530 with the relevant information; sign and authenticate the form with the appropriate LA stamp and return to NI Registrations Section within 4 weeks.
Completed form CA3530U received in NI Registrations Section NI Registrations Section conduct further validation. If all aspects are satisfactory, the child is registered onto the National Insurance Recording System (NIRS) and issued with a NINO card.

For further information about National Insurance contributions please visit the HMRC website.