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7.2.2 Community Arrangements Panel


  1. Introduction
  2. Matters Considered

    Appendix A: Information Required for Panel (together with the summary sheet)

1. Introduction

The Community Arrangements Panel meets monthly at the Walker CSC office.

If you have a matter which needed to be reviewed urgently then an emergency Community Arrangements Panel (CAP) will convened (this would not apply in circumstances in which the Child Plan has not been completed in time scale).

The Community Arrangements Panel has been established to allow the Directorate to formally consider issues relating to the placement of children in the community which are governed by Regulations but are not relevant to either the Fostering or Adoption Panels.

The purpose of the Panel is to quality assure, offer advice and guidance and to make recommendations to the Director as Agency Decision Maker.

The Panel has representation which includes:

  • Head of Children’s Social Care East;
  • Manager, Independent Reviewing Team;
  • Senior Practitioner;
  • Legal advisor;
  • IRO (In respect of Private Fostering).
To be quorate the Panel requires one Senior Manager and Chair or their deputies. A legal adviser will also be in attendance at the Panel to provide advice as required and the panel administrator will also be present.

2. Matters Considered

  1. Consideration of private fostering arrangements, including requirements, exemptions, late notifications, disqualifications, prohibitions and annual review;
  2. Consideration and review of the plan for children to be placed with parents under the Care Planning Regulations;
  3. Consideration of registered foster carers applying for Child Arrangements Orders in respect of children placed and post order support needs;
  4. Consideration of registered foster carers applying for Special Guardianship (SG) in respect of children placed and any post order support needs;
  5. Review of the plan for a child subject to a Supervision Order;
  6. Post order support for Special Guardianship applications;
  7. Any other matters as deemed appropriate by the Director;
  8. In all cases the panel will monitor the quality of reports and care planning.

Procedure to book a place on the Panel

  1. If the recommended permanence plan for a child is RO/SGO or the plan is Placement with Parents (PWP), then a date for panel must be booked;
  2. Where a 12 month Supervision Order is in place, the Social Worker should book their attendance at the Panel three months prior to the order expiring. If the Supervision Order is for six months only, an appointment should be made with the Panel to attend after three months;
  3. Timescales will need to be considered carefully in relation to any legal proceedings;
  4. Upon receipt of the documentation the Panel Administrator will inform the responsible Social Worker of the date and time of Panel.

Note: Ongoing financial support in the form of allowances will be reviewed annually. This will be an administrative exercise carried out by support service staff at the Fostering Unit. If a post-order support plan identifies ongoing support from Children's Social Care, this will be reviewed regularly in line with the Newcastle SCB Procedures, Children in Need Procedure which refers to children with additional needs, and those meeting the threshold for Children's Social Care as children with complex needs.

Appendix A: Information Required for Panel (together with the summary sheet)

Click here to view Appendix A: Information Required for Panel (together with the summary sheet)