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2.4 Case Closure


This chapter was amended in July 2012, and should be re-read.

The Closure Record provides a brief summary of the reason for referral, assessments and services provided that supports the decision to close a case. The summary will clearly include the views of child, their family (and when appropriate, service providers from relevant agencies), about the decision to close the case;

If the case is being closed because a child is moving to another local authority area, and the child has continuing needs, a referral must be made to the local authority to which the child is moving, and the date of this referral, and the date of acknowledgement of this referral included in the Closure Record. If the child is subject of a Child Protection Plan, closure will follow a formal Child protection Transfer meeting with the receiving Local Authority.

At point of case closure the social worker will undertake a full file check in line with the Case File Audit Check List. This will ensure that all essential details are recorded under the following domains:

  • Demographic;
  • Personal relationships;
  • Professional Relationships;
  • Case recording;
  • Contact/ referral and assessment;
  • Child Plans (all);
  • Safeguarding;
  • Looked After Children;
  • Children with disabilities;
  • Private Fostering.

Following a full Case Closure Audit being undertaken the decision to close the case will be authorised by the Team Manager

A letter of case closure will be sent to the parent(s)/legal guardian, child (were age appropriate)

Other agencies involved with the family must be informed in writing of the case being closed and the reasons for this.

The necessary screens on ICS will be completed at case closure, according to ICS procedures.