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The chapters in this online procedures manual provide users with information and guidance on current adoption policy and practice but are not meant to replace the role of the supervisor with regards adoption issues. Line managers and senior practitioners should be consulted as appropriate when guidance is needed.

It is accepted that some circumstances and situations will fall outside of the guidance in this Manual and social workers and team managers are to be encouraged to discuss specific issues with members of the Adoption Service who are available for consultation and support as required.

In addition to this Manual, the Adoption Service has produced a Statement of Purpose which provides a clear written statement of the aims and objectives of the adoption agency as required under the Adoption National Minimum Standards. The Statement of Purpose is available in a range of formats and is made available to the public and professionals through the Adoption Service and the Newcastle City Council website.

These policies, procedures and practice guidance are produced by the Newcastle City Council Adoption Service and are based on government practice guidance.

The guidance seeks to incorporate the following guiding principles:

  • Adoption is a process with life long implications for adopted people, adoptive parents and birth families;
  • The Adoption Service is committed to providing adoption services to all sectors of Newcastle's population and will seek to provide needs led services to children, birth relatives and adopters;
  • The Adoption Service has a duty to establish and maintain services designed to meet the needs of adopted children, adopters and birth relatives;
  • The Adoption Service recognises the importance of incorporating legislation research and user feedback into the formulation of policies, procedures and practice. Constructive feedback from service users is welcomed and should be directed to the Adoption Team Manager.

The meaning of adoption within the context of this procedure guidance:

  • Adoption means an Adoption Order under the 2002 Act or preceding legislation and vests parental responsibility in the adopters.┬áThe Order extinguishes the rights and duties of birth parents including any parental responsibility any person had before the adoption order was granted.

The range of children who may come within the scope of Adoption are as follows:

  • Children whose parents cannot or do not wish to care for them;
  • Children who are in the care of the Local Authority;
  • Children cared for by relatives;
  • Children in a step-parenting family;
  • Children brought into the country from abroad.

Overall, the purpose of this document is to provide clear guidance and policy statements to the following groups of people:

  • Children's Social Care Social Work Teams;
  • Senior Children's Social Care managers;
  • Adoption Team;
  • Adoption Panel.

This document is also available to elected representatives of the people of Newcastle upon Tyne and members of the public either on request or through the Newcastle City Council's website.

For further information or for general enquiries please contact the Adoption Service at:

Adoption Services
Cragside House
Heaton Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tel. 0191 2116777

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