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1.4.7 Discontinuation of a Child Protection Plan

A Child Protection Plan will discontinue when the child has reached the age of 18 years.

Each Child Protection Review Conference should consider whether a Child Protection Plan will be discontinued when:

It is judged the child is no longer suffering or likley to suffer Significant Harm

In reaching this judgement consideration should be given to:

  • Parents have recognised and understood the concerns;
  • Demonstrated change that is substantial and is assessed as sustainable;
  • Demonstrated an ability to accept and act upon advice and transfer that to new situations;
  • Co-operate with the Core Group and Care Plan thereby reducing the risk of harm through the action implemented by the protection plan;
  • The circumstances of the child are sufficiently changed to remove the risk.

The future needs of the child must be considered and whether there needs to be a plan for the child as a Child in Need or whether there is a need for referral to other services. A Child Protection Review can be brought forward if the core team is of the view that the above improvements have been made and that a Child Protection Plan is no longer necessary

The child is subject of a legal order

The social worker will:

  • Inform the Children’s Safeguarding Standards Unit in writing.

A Child Protection Review Conference can agree in advance that when a child is subject to an Interim Care Order (ICO) / Care Order (CO) or a settled Care Plan under Section 20 of the Children Act 1989, consideration should be given to the necessity of continuing with a Child Protection Plan as, by virtue of the fact that a child is Looked After, the risk/concerns should be minimised.

If a child is made subject to an ICO/CO and this was outlined / discussed in the plan at Initial Child Protection Conference or last Child Protection Review Conference, then an agreement can be reached that once this is in place, the Child Protection Plan can be discontinued.

The child and family have moved to another local authority area

The Social worker will:

  • Notify the other local authority in writing that the child and family have moved into their area and request that transfer procedures be instigated;
  • Notify the Children’s Safeguarding Standards Unit in writing.

Transfer of case responsibility will normally follow from the Child Protection Conference - to be confirmed in writing by the receiving Local Authority for the file. Until this occurs Newcastle remains responsible for the managing of a Child Protection Plan. Any protection action will be negotiated with the host authority

The child has died or permanently left the UK

  • Notify the Children’s Safeguarding Standards Unit IRO in writing;
  • Write to the British Consul in that country to advise them of the concerns and circumstances of the family.