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1.4.5 Core Groups

The Core Group is responsible for developing the Child Protection Plan, implementing associated tasks and monitoring effectiveness. The lead social worker has lead responsibility within the Core Group meeting, but all members are jointly responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the plan.


  1. Responsibilities of the Social Worker
  2. Core Group Guidance

1. Responsibilities of the Social Worker

  • Take the lead role in ensuring that the Core Group undertakes its tasks;
  • Records the Core Group and sends a copy of the Agreement to the Chair of the Initial Child Protection Conference;
  • Ensures Core Group meetings are arranged and all relevant personnel are invited to attend.

2. Core Group Guidance

This section provides direction or advice to a decision or course of action.

The first Core Group meeting is to be held within 10 working days and a minimum of every 4 weeks after. Any member of the Core Group can request an earlier meeting be called if they have cause for concern.

Where it is anticipated that significant changes to the Child Protection Plan might be discussed at a Core Group meeting, arrangements should be made for a team manager to act as chairperson.

The first meeting of the Core Group should:

  • Evaluate and review the effectiveness of the initial outline Child Protection Plan against outcomes based on risk assessment;
  • Further develop and implement the Child Protection Plan with child focused objectives as determined by the child's needs;
  • Confirm arrangements for recording and distributing the notes of the Core Group meetings;
  • Confirm the appropriate membership of the Core Group and agree roles and responsibilities and timescales for completion of the Statutory Assessment. NB The Statutory Assessment should be completed within 45 working days of commencement of the Section 47 Enquiry;

The social worker should ensure that all existing relevant information and reports from the Initial Child Protection Conference are available to all members of the Core Group and also:

  • Agree dates for future meetings before the next Child Protection Review Conference;
  • Address the production of the Statutory Assessment;
  • Agree contingency plans and circumstances under which such actions would be taken.

Further Core Group meetings (at no greater intervals than four weeks during the period the child is subject to a Child Protection Plan) will review the above tasks on an ongoing basis and ensure that the plan is developing according to the needs of the child.